iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone

iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone

Today we all know the word “Smartphone” when a few years ago, this term was just materializing, thanks to the expansion of the use of these devices and the growth of our beloved Internet.

Smartphones have become part of our lives and there is a great variety of manufacturers and models, as well as operating systems, although there are 3 that dominate the market.

Here is a practical guide to help you decide which smartphone is the right one for you or simply to know how the market is divided and how to differentiate the types of smartphones we find today.


Look familiar? That’s right, every single iPhone and iPad device out there uses this operating system. iOS is the operating system of the Apple company and can only be used on its iOS devices.

Pros: iOS offers a very easy to use system, a very friendly ecosystem, especially if you use other Apple products such as iPad, iMac or Macbook, also a very rich app store with more than 1.5 million apps for all tastes.

Cons: iPhone devices are very expensive, in case of damage they require specialized and expensive repair, the operating system is very closed so if you like to experiment with the features of your smartphone, iOS is not the one.



Another big one is the Android system, it is the most used operating system since this system is used in smartphones from various manufacturers, so there are a large number of varieties and options of smartphones with this system.

Pros: We can choose from a wide variety of phones, from low-end at affordable prices to high-end with very sophisticated phones. The application store is also very extensive with more than 1 million 600 thousand apps to explore and a degree of customization and personalization of our smartphone much greater and more open than other platforms.

Cons: We have to be very careful when choosing a phone with Android system in terms of the manufacturer as the support, updates and quality of our device depend on it. There is a very large fragmentation of the system, i.e. there are so many different devices that it is practically impossible for applications to work properly on all of them, so it is necessary to choose popular Android phones from reliable manufacturers to ensure that applications are always available and our device is always up to date.

Extra: The degree of customization and configuration parameters of Android is very extensive, this can be overwhelming for certain users who do not require so much customization as it can become complicated to use the system. This can also be an advantage for users who like to experiment with their smartphone and customize it to their needs.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone is the mobile operating system that came late to the party, although it is the third operating system in terms of popularity, its number of users is much lower compared to iOS and Android, however, it has been gradually gaining ground and getting more manufacturers to include this system in their phones.

Windows Phone is currently evolving to Windows 10 Mobile as part of the restructuring of Windows by Microsoft, we will have to wait to see what they have achieved and the phones that will have this operating system in the near future.

Pros: The Windows Phone ecosystem is a simple and straightforward ecosystem without being as closed as iOS nor as overwhelming with as many elements as Android, Windows Phone is a very stable platform, has shown constant improvement and like Android, is cross-platform, we can choose between different manufacturers and prices of phones according to our needs.

Cons: The main limitation of Windows Phone is its app store since unlike iOS and Android this has a much more limited number of published applications, currently the future of Windows Phone is not very clear, this due to the restructuring of Windows, we will have to wait until Windows Mobile 10 is released to the public and evaluate the acceptance of this new version as well as manufacturers adopting Windows Mobile 10 on their devices.

So much for this guide to smartphones today, and all that remains is this question:

iOS, Android or Windows Phone?

What do they say?